We are always advancing image quality, process, and technology in our own studio.

Our creative partnership with Mitsubishi is exciting because we can do all of those things for them as well. We’ve worked with their marketing team for years, creating amazing imagery for their website and sales catalogues. But what’s made it a great partnership has been our ability to deliver on a wide variety of platforms and media while keeping a close eye on the accuracy and beauty of their product.

The first work we did was with their conventional photography – making each shot great. But eventually they wanted to talk more about rendering cars in 3d, which they had never done before. Mitsubishi’s comfort level with our team and our deep experience in automotive rendering made it easy for them to break away from photography and feel confident that the final image would be flawless.

After a few projects it became obvious that rendering was the way of the future. But the 3d assets we were creating were sometimes needed by other teams around the world, so we began a process we call “garaging.” We take raw 3d files from the engineering team and make them perfect – creating shaders, textures, lighting and organize the thousands of tiny pieces in each model – so that anyone who needs to can work with an approved 3d scene that will look beautiful when rendered.

This deep knowledge of their product and attention to detail made us the perfect creative partner for Mitsubishi’s digital agency, Possible. Their idea was to create an interactive 360° experience that would work in any browser. We expanded our development team to include experts in browser-based 3d rendering, and worked closely with Possible on user experience and visual design. The result is a fantastic experience that captures the beauty of their product and delivers it consistently right to any web browser, on desktop, tablet, or mobile. We’re incredibly proud of the final result and the chance to push the boundaries of online advertising.