Lunr Sleep

Lunr Sleep

Sometimes the most important part of being creative isn't writing the scripts – it's rewriting the brief.

We've been working with mattress startup Lunr Sleep on everything from social strategy and content to building their website. The founder presented us with an interesting question: "How much would it cost to make a brand film? We don't have a big budget, but we also need some videos for social."

Our response took him by surprise. "Maybe the better question is how many videos can we shoot in one day?"

Our director got going on scripts immediately, our producers helped us find the right talent, and our photographer and designers created the custom props we needed to turn our shoot space into Lunr Sleep headquarters. We didn't make the brand film cheaper, but we did make sure Lunr got the maximum return on their investment.

We're very happy with the results. As it turns out, the answer to our question that day is "five videos, if everything lines up just right."