Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Crispin Porter + Bogusky

You know you’ve done something special when your client’s client reaches out to say “thank you.”

When Crispin Porter + Bogusky realized they needed all new imagery for their digital redesign of Ice Breakers, Breath Savers, and Twizzlers they faced some unique challenges. First, those three brands represent A LOT of individual products and flavors. Second, there were only a few weeks left in the schedule. Oh, and one final thing – some of those products had recently gone through a design refresh, and the packaging wasn’t ready to be photographed.

A creative blending of photography and 3d rendering was needed. But no photo studio could handle the rendering, and no 3d studio could do the photography. And none of them could handle the timeline. As it turns out, we’re really good at all of those things.

Our approach was to tackle Twizzlers with traditional photography and use 3d renders for the Ice Breakers and Breath Savers products, and to handle both branches of the project in parallel. Within a few days our 3d team finished the modeling for all of the breath mint products and were starting in on angle and lighting studies. The photography team did an amazing job of lighting each and every Twizzler beautifully. And our retouch team – since they are accustomed to dealing with hundreds of images at a time – were able to retouch and product match all of the photography within a few days.

The result? 23 days, 181 final renders, 53 final photographs. And best of all, a kudos from the product marketing team at Hershey’s, who oversee all three brands and absolutely loved the images we produced.