Chevy Trax

Chevy Trax

We’re of the mind that what look like obstacles are usually just opportunities to get creative.

We were contacted by Chevy's advertising agency to create marketing imagery, but they had a few challenges. They wanted a European aesthetic for their locations (but didn’t have the time or budget to go there). Their team couldn’t make it to the shoots. The car wasn’t available yet, either.

We live for these kinds of moments.

We came up with a unique solution – our creative team scouted locations in the Pacific Northwest that had just the right feel and we handled casting, wardrobe, and art direction. Using several sets of models and props in each location, we created a system to dynamically change out people, cars, and backgrounds so that local agencies could create images relevant to their specific market. We also captured a 360° environment map to make sure the car we rendered fit perfectly into the background.

Our response to those initial obstacles resulted in a high-end look on a more modest budget. And best of all, Chevy got what they needed without having to worry about anything from concept to final delivery.